Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

A Scheduled Life!

As teens and twenty somethings we live for a life without a schedule.  If only we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted to do it, life would be so much better….

It’s amazing how life’s view changes as we get older…get married…have kids…move up in our career…

Sitting here a 29 year old wife and mother of two I realize how much I need a schedule in my life.  How much happier and smoother my life seems to go when I have a schedule. 

Our pastor preached recently on how different life can be when we have a schedule.  He talked about the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur and how it is a day of atonement.  As Americans we look to the future and say “these are the things I’m going to start in my life”.  We never want to look at the past and see what we did wrong that needs to be fixed or changed.  The Jewish holiday is all about that.

As I look at the past year I see how crazy things have gotten in our life.  We felt the leading of God to move from the metro area where we had both been all our lives to a small town an hour and a half away.  I got pregnant shortly after and we realized that we needed me to go to work part time to help with our finances.  Also shortly after moving here we began a new church with some friends of ours and when I say began a new church I mean starting a church from the ground up, with Brad and I as the children’s pastors.

Wow can life take a crazy turn in a short time.  As I look back at this year I realize how hectic it has been and how much I need a schedule in my life.  To start I need God time!  Before we moved I had set aside time everyday to spend with God…just me and Him.  Well that has taken a back seat lately and needs to be brought back to the head of the list.

My prayer today is that you and I both see the needs we have in our life and begin to put a schedule into place and make sure that God time is at the top of that list.


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