Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

Day 8 of my 365 Journey

1. Another good morning with the kids, I even rewarded them with donuts.

2. I had time to clean my bathroom before my kiddos got here.

3. I have felt great all day. So nice after several days of tummy issues.

4. God will carry you through big and small.

5. I had one of the best days since I began watching kids from here.

6. Jacie, my one year old, had a great day today, which makes my day so much better!

7. The kids loved the pasta I made them today. 🙂

8. Emma does so well handling the asthma and allergy junk.

9. Teachers have email and check it regularly!

10. I was able to email Emma’s teacher to explain her bloody nose issues.

11. Emma has a very loving teacher.

12. Emma’s nose barely bothered her at school.

13. Emma has already made a cute little groups of friends.

14. Emma, Jaxton and Jacie all got along today!! (Has not been like that for over a week.)

15. We had a very relaxing quiet movie time today.

16. Naomi’s report on her dibels testing came home today and she was well above average on every section!

17. I am a proud mom over 3 very smart kids!

18. Zeke liked the book I picked out for him at the library.

19. That book is in a series so there are more for him to get.

20. Brad had his first night back at Inner City church mentoring, Zeke sometimes goes with. I love that they are able to share in this ministry.

21. Brad is such a great Godly example for our son and daughters.

22. Grocery carts with cars attached!

23. I made it through a quick grocery store trip with the girls.

24. I almost always get to go to the grocery store by myself, I am thankful for this! 🙂

25. I have a 4 inch foam mattress pad on my bed!

26. We also have a very nice and kinda pricey comforter on our bed. (Bought with Christmas money last year.)

27. I sleep so comfortable at night.

28. I am going to bed before 10 for the second night in a row…this is a kinda big deal for me.

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