Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

Day 10 of my 365 day Journey

1. I have made it 10 days!

2. Giving thanks and praise to God each night before bed ends my day on a positive note!

3. 10 days of this journey is already changing me.

4. I got to have a wonderfully quiet morning.

5. Got to have a short chat with my friend Heather.

6. My friend Heather. 🙂

7. Having friends you can turn to or just chat with is such a blessing.

8. Emma and I ended up spending the afternoon just us.

9. God kept my eyes focused on the road during the down pour of rain this afternoon.

10. He protected Emma and I during the heavy rain.

11. I got a sneak peak of the wedding decor and am very excited for Paige and Marquis.

12. My mom, the girls and I had a girls evening.

13. We found shoes at the mall for the girls to wear in the wedding.

14. I had enough money for shoes at the mall. 🙂

15. The girls were good while at the mall and got treated with picking items to buy at Claire’s.

17. We have a great meal at Zios.

18. I got to have an old friend of mine as our waitress.

19. I love seeing old friends.

20. Facebook which keeps me in touch with old friends.

21. The girls were very good at Zios.

22. I was able to bless my friend with a good tip. A great way to end the night.

23. God blesses us when we bless others!

24. Brad and Zeke had a great boys night together.

25. Brad surprised Zeke with CiCi’s.

26. Brad and Zeke had some good bonding time playing video games at home.

27. Zeke got a card in the mail from our children’s pastor. I love the grin Zeke gets when he receives something special. He may not verbalize it but you can see it in his face.

28. Zeke also loved the superman Lego set I got for him from the mall. 🙂

Bonus #29. Today was a good day!!

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