Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

Day 13 of my 365 Day Journey

Christ said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt 6:21). Your lifestyle is an example to your children of where your heart is. Give your children an example of a lifestyle devoted to God, not the idols of this world.

This was from my devotional today. So glad that Brad and I are teaching our children that our devotion is directed to God!

1. YouVersion.

2. Multiple devotions at my finger tips.

3. God’s word gives us life instruction.

4. Was able to finish editing photos today.

5. Everyone loves the photos so far.

6. I have to decide if I wish to do this in the future and get paid, a good decision to have.

7. God helps us with all decisions!

8. I don’t feel stressed to make this decision, just have to wait on God’s direction.

9. I found out today that a friend reads my blog daily and it blesses her.

10. Blessing friends blesses me!

11. I do this blog for me but it reaches others.

12. With left overs and one can of peas bought on sale, lunch today cost .24 cents. 🙂

13. Jacie took another good nap today, this makes my day so much smoother!

14. Ms. Jaquisha! Or as Emma would say, Ms Maquisha. Today is her birthday!

15. Ms Jaquisha has amazing patience with children.

16. Ms Jaquisha not only works with kids all day but volunteers her time to work in kids ministry at our church.

17. Emma loves homework. 🙂

18. Today Emma and I got to do homework together with no interruptions.

19. All three of my kids love to learn.

20. Cool mornings.

21. Being able to have the windows open in the car and house.

22. My vehicle!

23. I wasn’t ready for a new vehicle earlier this year but God works all things out for our good.

24. Brad got home from work in time to take Zeke to his appointment today.

25. I was able to make it to race timing training on time tonight.

26. I learned more on our new equipment and feel I absorbed a lot!

27. My mom was there to help with the girls so I was able to learn.

28. Great weather for tonight’s training!

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