Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

Day 14 of my 365 Day Journey

1. My migraine was gone when I woke up this morning!!

2. Although I got a dull headache this morning it never progressed and slowly faded.

3. God is my healer!

4. The kids were all so good today!!

5. I was able to clean with the kids here, this never happens without them acting crazy. 

6. Emma tried helping Jaxton with his letters today, too sweet.

7. Emma was so good while Jacie and Jaxton napped.

8. I got a lot done during nap time.

9. I was able to go get pick up Zeke and Naomi from school and leave the kids with Brad.

10. Quiet moments in the car by yourself!

11. Zeke and I got to take a quick grocery trip, just us.

12. Zeke doesn’t drive me crazy asking for stuff when I take him to the grocery store. 

13. My kiddo’s left early today allowing me to get more things done.

14. Homework time was so nice and smooth today, even had worship music going.

15. My kids are so good at getting homework done!!

16. Zeke’s progress report was straight A’s!!!!!!!!

17. Naomi’s progress report was 3% away from straight A’s, she is excited to get it up before report cards come out.

18. I had plenty of time to get dinner ready for our company, Paige and Marquis.

19. Marquis likes my taco’s and queso…he’s a picky eater.

20. The kids were good during dinner, despite Emma showing off.

21. Paige brought a super yummy oreo dessert.

22. We had fun going through wedding pictures and remembering funny moments from the wedding.

23. They loved all the pictures.

24. Realizing how sentimental it was is helping me make my decision on whether or not to continue taking wedding pictures.

25. The kids did great going to bed tonight. A surprise when we had company here.

26. Paige, Marquis, Brad and I get along very well….we will have to plan future dinners together.

27. God will put your perfect mate in your life if you will rely on His timing.

28. Paige and Marquis each found their perfect mate. 

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