Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

Day 15 of My 365 Day Journey

1. Kids were so excited to have Grandparents day at school with Nana, they woke up great!

2. Nana loves her time with her grand babies.

3. The kids got to have donuts at school with Nana.

4. They enjoyed showing Nana their classrooms.

5. I got a longer quiet time since I did not have to take the kids to school.

6. Red Oak had a fabulous turn out for Grandparents Day.

7. Red Oak is such a great school!

8. God provided us a house in a great school district.

9. I enjoyed some me time watching one of my shows online.

10. I got to eat left over tacos for lunch.

11. I love good left overs.

12. I was able to take Zeke and Naomi to the library after school.

13. Zeke and Naomi love going to the library!!

14. I am blessed with 3 kids that love books!

15. Brad did not have to work at Hobby Lobby this weekend.

16. Brad was able to go to the race with me.

17. After dropping off the kids at grama’s Brad and I enjoyed a yummy meal at Cracker Barrel.

18. Meals just me and Brad!

19. I got to remind Brad of how yummy Cracker Barrel is.

20. Cracker Barrel jelly!

21. Despite forgetting my computer at home and adding an hour to our trip we had a good drive to Bartlesville.

22. I had a chance to attend a pity party and chose not to and tore up the invitation.

23. Kara’s blog on self-pity was in my head as great reminder to not attend! (http://khendricksonblog.com/2013/09/20/selahday-129-self-pity-one-of-the-devils-favorite-weapons/)

24. God will help you not go or if necessary leave a pity party if you ask!

25. I got in the car during this time and Mandisa’s song Stonger came on the radio and was exactly what I needed!

26. Christian radio!

27. Not going to the party feels way better than going!

28. I had a victory today!!

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