Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

Day 16 of my 365 Day Journey

(Saturday and Sunday combined.)

1. Despite our race being cancelled due to bad weather. Brad and I made it safely back to OKC, through the storms.

2. We have a little free time to sit and talk with his parents when we went to get the kids.

3. I had time to take a nap when we got home, much needed after about an hour of sleep at the hotel.

4. I got to go eat dinner with Cherryl, just me and her!

5. Cherryl and I had a great dinner at McAlester’s and were able to have quality time just of us for almost 2 hours.

6. Brad, Cherryl and I had fun talking and laughing till after 1am.

7. We made it to Sunday School for the first time in a long while. We enjoyed being back in our Sunday School class.

8. The class is doing lessons from the Family ID conference and we received some value able life strategies.

9. Tess and Oliver sat with us again at church and I got to love on baby Oliver during service.

10. Pastors Ted and Tami did a joint lesson this morning at church. I loved being “fed” this morning.

11. Lessons on communication are good for any level of communicators!

12. Daniel sang the Sanctus Real song Lead Me during offering. It was a blessing. I love that song and Daniel did great!

13. Watching Daniel worship or perform is always a blessing because his heart for God is truly authentic.

14. I am blessed to call Daniel a friend.

15. We had an easy meal of left overs for lunch today, taco salads. Yummy and fast!

16. Brad and I were able to rest for about 20 minutes after lunch.

17. So thankful for Grandparents who love to watch their grandkids!

18. Brad and I had an opportunity to take pictures for his Aunt Gail’s church.

19. The pictures were for the two year anniversary of her pastors. It was a blessing to be part of the event.

20. The heart of other ministers is so great to see.

21. The pastors wife truly touched me. One quote I loved, “Our church may not be big but we do big things!”

22. Everyone we talked to was so nice and welcoming.

23. Brad and I are blessed with some great Aunties!

24. We were able to see Grandma Ford as well, she always puts a smile on my face!!

25. We were blessed with a couple plates of food to bring home!

26. Free lunch tomorrow for me and the kiddos!

27. When we picked up the kids at my parents we stayed to watch a Duck Dynasty episode! I am thankful for good clean tv shows. There aren’t many left.

28. Carrot cake…one of my favorites and my parents had some! 🙂

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