Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Psalm 103:1

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Day 19 of my 365 Day Journey

So it is times like the last few days that is why I had decided that if I miss a day for whatever reason I will simply start with the next “day” on my list and not play catch up.  I know others that are doing similar blogs are doing it differently but this is what works for me and one thing that keeps me going with out feeling like have have failed anytime I forget or whatever other reasons there may be.  This is why I titled it my 365 day Journey and not A Year in the Life.  🙂

If you are reading this and are unaware of my past several days I have been battling being sick.  I started getting sick on Saturday and then my girls started getting sick Sunday evening.  On Monday I took the girls to the doctor and found out Naomi had strep and the flu and Emma had strep.  Thankfully today we are all better and our lives are back to normal! 

I did not purposely stop my blog during this time, it just kind of happened.  I knew I needed my sleep, and I do this blog at night before bed (it’s what works for me).  I did not forget about the blog and why I am doing it, I made myself continue each day to stay in the moment and be aware of the big and little things I am able to praise Him for.  So I will begin the first, however many, praises with a few from the last few days.


1.  We caught it all early and were able to get on antibiotics quick, helping the girls to get over everything quicker than usual.

2.  I have a job that allowed me to spend two days resting with my girls.

3.  My husband is truly amazing and took over each afternoon when he got home.

4.  Brad and Zeke both did not catch anything from the three of us.

5.  Emma only ran a fever for 24 hours!

6.  Naomi is such a strong girl and powered through two illnesses.

7.  We were all better before Wednesday.

8.  This morning was super easy getting the kids up and ready.

9.  Although Emma did not want to go back to school, she gave me a hug and went into class on her own.

10.  Zeke was able to go pick up all Naomi’s make up work. 

11.  Naomi has a great teacher who is awesome at communicating by email…we “replied” several times today.

12.  Naomi did great on her last day at home.  Played and rested as needed.  🙂

13.  The two kids I watch were super great today for having 4 days away.

14.  Jacie loves answering my questions and makes me laugh with her attempts to talk.

15.  Due to not going to the grocery store since last week our fridge is almost empty, the good news…I was able to wipe down the inside of the fridge.  🙂

16.  Dispite being me being sick our house stayed clean!  Brad is such a great helper.

17.  Today was Wednesday and my first time out of the house was to go to CYM!  (other than drop off and pick up at school)  🙂

18.  Brad was able to go run some errands for the Lodge!

19.  The students all loved seeing the Jones Soda’s back in the Lodge.

20.  I love being fully stocked on everything in the Lodge!  🙂

21.  I had time to run down to the Cafe at church and pick up a sandwhich and drink! 

22.  Our church Cafe makes great blended Chai’s!!

23.  We had 2 new people in CYM tonight for our new Zombie-pocalypse series.

24.  Bryce still has football buddies coming to CYM!!

25.  Night one of the Zombie-pocalypse series was a big hit!

26.  My friend Cherryl sat with me during service.  🙂

27.  I was home from church at 9:30…this rarely happens.

28.  I forgot to mention up above the my friend Holly took Zeke to school yesterday for me.  This allowed the girls to sleep in!!!

Day 18 of my 365 Day Journey

1. Despite a bad night of sleep, it did not ruin my day!

2. Paying bills and having money left over! I love this feeling.

3. Photo editing. It is so much fun and I want to learn more.

4. Had three requests in the last two days to take people pictures.

5. Even if this “job” is temporary, I am having fun.

6. God’s timing!!

7. When we rely on God, things go so good.

8. Learning not to worry!

9. Emma got the flu shot today and she smiled through it all.

10. My mom came and picked up Emma and took her for ice cream.

11. Nana loves to spoil her grand babies. 🙂

12. Shared calendars on my iPad and Brad’s iPod. He got the reminder for Emma’s appt and made sure I had seen it…I had not.

13. Tonight’s CYM was Mud Bowl 2013. Fun relaxed night.

14. The students had a blast!

15. Although my feet were a mess and I received a few mud hugs, I made it out relatively clean.

16. We had 12 visitors tonight!

17. Students who love to get muddy and have fun!

18. Loving teachers. Although Emma was sore and tired from her shot, her teachers took care of her!

19. We had a moment tonight with Zeke were I could have gotten overly emotional. I handled it with calm and got Brad’s help.

20. God is showing me that the behavioral disorder Zeke battles is not my fault. (He is currently un-diagnosed, we are in the process in case you are wondering.)

21. I remained calm on the drive home and did not beat myself up.

22. I had a victory today! For anyone that knows me, the above 3 items are a big deal for me.

23. God gives you victories!

24. Doing this blog tonight helped show me today’s victory.

25. Brad received an email today about the men’s camping trip being for fathers and sons. He has decided to take Zeke! I can’t wait for Brad to tell him. He will be so excited.

26. Brad has started trying to do things just him and Zeke and it is really helping their relationship.

27. Being married to my best friend! Sometimes I wish I had more close friends. But none would compare to Brad.

28. Brad knows more about me than anyone and loves me still!!

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